Terms of Servce

Customer Responsibility

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops is not responsible for damage to vehicles, seat, watercraft and other components that have been modified, repaired, replaced or altered from their original manufacturers condition. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Don's Auto Interiors & Tops of any such changes to the original equipment of a vehicle or watercraft.

Warranty on Our Service and Material

This warranty is only valid for products and services purchased from Don's Auto Interiors & Tops and used in the United States of America. It is explicitly limited to the original purchaser of the vehicle. Repair warranties are not transferable.

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops warranties its soft trim installations to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of installation (invoice).

This warranty does not apply to claims caused by acid, dye bleach corrosives, ink, paint, markers, ashes, soot, dirt or mud. Also does not apply to abrasions, scuffs, cuts, scratches or abusive and excessive wear. Don's Auto Interiors & Tops will not be held responsible for color dye lot variations in connection with any authorized warranty claims. The application of silicone-based products or harsh chemicals can damage and destroy the surface of leather or vinyl and will void this warranty.

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops offers a large selection of interior components that have factory warranties that are exchanged with the service we perform after full-payment. We do not cover any shipping and handling charges associated with the repair or replacement of the product, unless the original manufacturer covers the shipping. Any material, products or equipment damaged from misuse or abuse is not covered under any warranty. Don's Auto Interiors & Tops warranties are not transferable. Equipment warranty will be void if the equipment or installation is tampered with or altered in any way. Don's Auto Interiors & Tops does not warranty any weather damage or normal wear-and-tear.

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops is unable to warranty any convertible top workmanship failure due to:

  1. Acts of God or Vandalism.
  2. Bad Frame Design, misaligned or malfunctioning frames.
  3. Wear or Pinch Holes made by the frame.
  4. Opening convertible top before the expiration of the recommended break in period of 4 weeks.
  5. Visible flaws, tears, blemishes, missing stitches and other noticeable flaws after installation.
Leak Repair

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops does not warranty any repair to stop a leak, sunroof repairs, or sunroof leak repairs.

Installation of Customer's Equipment

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops does not warranty any installation of customer provided material or equipment.

Special Orders of Customer Picked Material

If Don's Auto Interiors & Tops undertakes a special order for a customer, the customer is obligated to accept the merchandise. Deposits left for special orders are not refundable, and may not be transferred to other merchandise. Custom order auto/marine interiors and auto/marine tops require approval for all designated materials being used and a signature approval on a "Custom Order" form is also required. Once the "Custom Order" has been approved, 60% of the total cost must be prepaid and is not returnable, not refundable, and not cancelable.

Interior Color/Grains

Custom orders may contain color discrepancies due to manufacturer timing. Don's Auto Interiors & Tops is not responsible for such variances. The customer is obligated to accept the merchandise but may purchase additional material for installation. As color dye lots will vary, we recommend purchasing all of your soft trim components and material at the same time to ensure an exact color match of all components throughout the interior.


No exchanges on any material ordered. No cash refunds. Exchanges on units installed by Don's Auto Interiors & Tops are subject to the discretion of the store manager and will always be subject to a 30% handling charge.

Noice Problems

Noise problems caused by alternators, accessories, etc., is inherent in some boats and cars and is not the fault of the Don's Auto Interiors & Tops. Quoted prices do not include any noise suppression or troubleshooting for noise problems.

Warning Lights, Sensors and Settings

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops is not responsible for resetting any warning lights/sensors when replacing/removing/repairing or installing equipment to seats. Don’s Auto Interiors, LLC is not responsible for resetting any memory seat setting when replacing/removing/repairing seats.


Full Payment is due when services are rendered. Deposits may be requested for most repairs and all special orders, and any balance is due when services are completed. Customer agrees to pay cash when work is completed, or on satisfactory terms to Don's Auto Interiors & Tops upon approval. If payment is not received upon job completion, Customer agrees to pay a daily storage fee of $40 per day, a $30 late fee and 1.5% interest per month on any unpaid monthly balances. All past due accounts are reported to the credit bureaus. If any check is returned due to insufficient funds or stop-pay there will also be a $34.50 return check fee. Placing a stop-pay on a payment or writing a bad check is a crime and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. If payment collection is made by suit or otherwise, Customer agrees to pay interest, late fees and storage until paid, also collection costs, including Attorney’s fees and court costs. Customer hereby waives all rights to claim exemption under State Laws, and an express mechanics lien is acknowledged on above unit to secure the amount of repairs thereto. If arranging an appointment to pay or pickup your car or boat, and you are not available at your designated appointment time, Don's Auto Interiors & Tops will secure your car or boat with lock or storage until paid in full; storage fees and/or late fees may apply. Don's Auto Interiors & Tops requires a 24-hour notice for payment or pickup appointment time changes. Don's Auto Interiors & Tops reserves the right to remove any valuable parts or materials if payment is not received within 30 days to recover the cost of services provided. This additional payment policy is enforced to secure payment to Don's Auto Interiors & Tops, as we do not have control of the unit at our facility after labor has been completed and parts installed.



Customer Acknowledgement

By signing any estimate or invoice and/or upon making payment for services, I agree to the listed terms and conditions on this Service Agreement. The labor and materials ordered for me, who I have the authority to order, are to be listed at your regular prices. I understand that there are no refunds on any labor charges under any circumstance. I authorize Don's Auto Interiors & Tops and its employees to operate the vehicle for the purpose of transport, testing, inspection, pickup and/or delivery entirely at my risk. It is understood and agreed that Don's Auto Interiors & Tops assumes no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to vehicles or articles left in vehicles in case of theft, fire, vandalism, water, other weather related damages, and any cause beyond Don's Auto Interiors & Tops control. It is also understood that Don's Auto Interiors & Tops resumes no responsibility for any items of personal property left with the unit placed with Don's Auto Interiors & Tops for repair, storage or sale.

I have read and understand the terms of the policies stated and agree to purchase the materials or equipment written on any estimate/invoice as well as the labor for purposes stated on any estimate/invoice. An express mechanics lien is hereby acknowledged on my vehicle/vessel to secure the amount of work hereto. Any pictures taken of the work is property of Don's Auto Interiors & Tops and can be used online and in advertisements. Don's Auto Interiors & Tops reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason.

*All warranty claims and returned goods must be accompanied by your receipt to verify purchase date and abide by this company policy.

*Any repair/install claim will be handled after payment has been received in full.

Customer has agreed to purchase parts, equipment and/or labor in accordance with the service agreement listed above.

Disclaimer: Information in this Service Agreement may be changed or updated at any time without notice. Don's Auto Interiors & Tops reserves the right to alter, modify, or discontinue products without any obligation regarding products previously offered.


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