Convertible Tops

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops specializes in the replacement of convertible tops and window curtains for modern soft-top vehicles, customs, street rods, and antiques.

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops recommends replacement convertible tops from the following manufacturers: Electron, Kee and Robbins, and EZ on Tops. Our convertible tops and accessories are guaranteed to fit "perfectly" out of the box because they are made using the exact specifications and patterns of the original vehicle. Our convertible tops are made only with the finest materials available in the U.S.

Our expertise in Convertible Tops will help determine the best option available:

  1. Installation of a new Convertible Top
  2. Installation of a new Window Curtain
  3. Installation of both the new Convertible Top and the new Window Curtain

Our interior technicians will recommend the correct materials and techniques needed to provide a durable, weather tight convertible top that will provide years of enjoyment.

Working on a custom car or street rod? We will explain the process and recommend the material to compliment the vehicle style and colors.

While the "soft stuff" is important, we can also repair the structural components of convertible tops. We have the expertise to replace convertible motors, cylinders, latches and frames.

Convertible Top "Break In"

When a convertible top is replaced, it is necessary to have a "break-in" period for any new top. We recommend a break-in period of two weeks.

A “break in” period is required for two reasons.

  1. Once installed on the car, convertible top materials stretch. Depending on the time of the year, this stretching process takes 2 – 4 weeks. Once the top stretches out, it should have a nice tight look. For best results, it is important for the stretch process to happen without interruption.
  2. Second, as the top stretches out in some places, it will tighten up in others. As the top changes, so will positions of the frame, pads, and seals – this is called the “break in” period.

If the top is opened during the "break in" period, the following may be affected: effort to close the top, wind noise, and weather tightness.

Once the “break in” period is over, we invite our customers back so we can perform the first fold down of the new top. As we do this together, the customer is able to verify that their top is working properly.

As a convertible top frame ages, links and joints wear and top frames do not have the same alignment as when the convertible top was new. Leaving convertible tops and glass windows in the up position after installation allows them time to relax and adjust, or become "seasoned" to the top frame. Always follow the instruction in the Owner's Manual for opening and closing the Convertible Top.

Always keep the well free of objects, even a harmless item such as a beach towel can cause glass windows to break.


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