Auto Interior Repairs

Seat Repair

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops has over 42 years of experience in repairing and building custom seat covers.

Most people don't even realize that seats can be repaired right back to original condition, so it is important to have the seat repair performed by a professional interior technician.

After years of comfort, leather seats can start to wear in some places. The most common area of wear is on the driver’s seat, which receives the most frequent activity.

Most modern car seats are created by combining several different pieces of material or “panels”. Due to this type of design, we can replace only the damaged “panels” of the seat while using OEM leather that is color matched.

We stock many common seat fabrics that match late model patterns, and have 48 hour access to seat fabric for 90% of the material manufactured.

We can replace individual panels or the entire seat. Once the seat has been disassembled we can:

  1. Change padding density for a softer or firmer feel.
  2. Install custom seat heaters for cloth, vinyl or leather seats.
  3. Install optional adjustable lumbar support cages.

Additional Services Offered:

  1. Insert Replacement – Suede, Leather or Vinyl
  2. Frame - Recliner - Track Assembly Repair & Replacement
  3. Installation of Customer Provided Seat Covers

Installation of Leather Seat Kits

One of the most luxurious upgrades to a vehicle is the installation of custom-made leather seat covers.

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops will remove the stock fabric or leather from the existing seat(s) and install custom leather seat covers onto the existing seat foam.

Don’s Auto Interiors offers over 70 colors and to choose.

Unlike factory installed leather…the customer can choose the following:

  • Multiple Tone Colors
    multi tone example
  • Perforated or Suede Inserts
    suede inserts example
  • Custom Piping
    custom piping example
  • Contrast Stitching
    contract stitch example
  • Exotic, Carbon Fiber and more

If you are interested in designing a custom leather seat kit for your vehicle please visit us at 11937 S. Cicero Avenue or call us at 708-371-8020 and our sales staff would be happy to review samples and schedule a design session to help create custom seats.

Seat Heaters

Seat heaters quickly provide comforting warmth to the body through the seat's cushion and back long before the vehicle's interior is heated. Seat heaters are vehicle specific and are available for most makes and model cars, trucks, SUV's and RV's with either cloth or leather seats.

  • Heats in Seconds
  • Affordable Low Price
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Built Durable & Tested Safe
  • One, Two or Three Temp Settings
  • 3-year/36,000 Mile Limited Warranty

Headliner and Visor Material Replacement
  1. Late Model Board With Foam Backed Covering
  2. Late Model Board With Foam Backed Covering and Sunshade
  3. Older Style Bow - Type Headliner

One of the major problems common to virtually all late-model cars is the sagging headliner. Because the original headliner material is foam backed, over a period of time the foam backing starts to disintegrate and leaves a dust residue causing the fabric to drop loose from the headliner board.

Correcting the sagging headliner involves a multi step process that will restore it to like "new" condition.

The headliners and visors are the last thing most car owners think of repairing. If the interior roof is in need of repair we suggest you take another look at your headliner and bring it to Don’s for replacement.

Don’s Auto Interiors, LLC can also fabricate a headliner for antiques and custom restoration projects.

Call us at 708-371-8020 for a quote!

Carpet Replacement
  1. Factory Carpet Replacement
  2. Custom manufactured molded carpet
  3. Super flex Stretch-in Carpet
  4. Custom Fitted & Bound Carpet
  5. Installation of heat shield & Sound Deadening Material
  6. Custom Floor Mats

Carpet replacement is one of the most labor-intensive aspects of car interior restoration or replacement.

Prior to removing the existing carpet, all of the interior vehicle components, seats, inner panels, kick panels, and center consoles must be removed.

Don's Auto Interiors & Tops has over 42 years of experience removing these components. We have replaced hundreds of carpets during the last 42 years in all makes and models, and have created many custom carpets for hot rods, antique cars, classic cars, and modern custom vehicles.

Give us a call at 708-371-8020; most carpet jobs can be quoted right over the phone.

Automotive Vinyl Flooring

There are times when carpeting is not the appropriate floor covering for a vehicle. From the pickups and SUVs that spend their time off-road or at the construction site to taxies shuttling people through the city, vinyl flooring is the heavy-duty alternative.

Sound Deadeners

Sound Deadeners help insulate your vehicle from road noise. Sound barriers are available in EVA, foil back or mastic with jute and are custom made to fit each model perfectly. Sound deadeners meet federal standards for flammability retardation. It’s the perfect beginning when replacing your carpet and to increase its durability.

Trunk Mats for your Classic Car

We manufacture our trunk mats from the original materials in the correct patterns, styles and colors. They are available in fleece, felt, foam, bertex and vinyl. Our vinyl mats are printed on 6.5-ounce heavy vinyl and then are die-cut or vacuum molded for a perfect fit. We have carefully duplicated many of the popular trunk mat patterns to meet or exceed OE recommendations.


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